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Coach Connect Testimonials

Check out the testimonials from some of our Lead and Volunteer Coaches that have participated in the Coach Connect program:

"It's a great honor to participate in the Coach Connect program and give back to the community and help people who dedicated their lives to helping and supporting others.”   Jenny Barkan

"I get to coach a hard-working individual in a great organization, and the profile of professional coaching is increased.”   Jo Bennet

“I've been on the COACH CONNECT program since March 2018 and it's such a wonderful program that provides free coaching to people who wouldn't be able to afford coaching otherwise. As a Coach, I'm benefittng from the coach update calls and learning from other Coaches"  Gina Cajucom

“When it comes to wanting more from your life, there are many who can relate. My own desire to achieve more, to be more, brought me to coaching some years ago and it changed the trajectory of my life. Now I experience the pleasure of sharing that supportive gift with others every day. Working with the ICF Coach Connect program has allowed me to work with the incredible people at Elizabeth Fry Society, who while dedicating their lives to supporting women in conflict with the law, still long to be of greater service. Their standard of excellence and capacity for compassion and support is awe inspiring. It has been a privilege to support them in their journey.”   Sharon Coldwell

“Being involved with the Coach Connect program has offered me the opportunity to meet and work with an incredible human being. His dedication to personal growth is inspiring. This has been a wonderful experience!”  Ann Fogolin

“Coach Connect has been inspirational to both myself and the coachee. We both always walk away with something new and the dust uncovered continues to be impressive!”  Shereen Gomez

“It is truly an honor to coach participants in the Coach Connect program.”  Shirley J Gossack

“Coach Connect was a rewarding experience akin to heart-to-heart conversations with a friend with no hint of a business relationship.”  Annie Gyg

“I'm honored to coach participants in the ICF Coach Connect program.”  Andrea Kiss

“The Coach Connect program has allowed people and organizations who wouldn’t otherwise have access to coaching, to gain valuable support. I am honored to be a part of this program and support my Coachee!”  Lynne Protain

“Participating in the Coach Connect program was a rewarding experience and I applaud them for this initiative. The reward was to hear the clients say how beneficial the coaching was to them -'opening up possibilities', 'bringing dreams closer' - and how happy they were to know their organizations allowed them to have the exposure.”  Daisy Wright

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