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The Negativity Bias: How to Deal with Difficult Client Situations

  • 23 Jun 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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The Negativity Bias: How to Deal with Difficult Client Situations

with Maria Nemeth

As coaches, we always hope that our clients will greet our coaching with a sigh of relief, enthusiasm, or acknowledgement that we’re on the right track together.

However, what happens in the coaching situation when clients become irritated or confused, or even angry that the session(s) are not going the way they would like them to go?

In working with coaches over the last 38 years, I have seen that there are phrases that we hate to hear: “I’m not getting much value from this coaching with you,” or “I don’t think I can go any further with this coaching.”

Is this really true? Is our coaching of no value to this person? Or, is our client experiencing the Negativity Bias, a naturally-occurring point where they have always stopped themselves in going for a goal?

What is the Negativity Bias? What’s the relevant research about it? How can we work with clients to go past this difficult point, with ease? And by ease, I mean for the coach as well as the client!

Recent research says that our brains haven’t changed in their structure for about a hundred thousand years. This means that we have essentially the same brains that our prehistoric ancestors did, including the instinct to check out danger before anything else.

When you, as coach, understand and can anticipate the Negativity Bias, you can turn a difficult situation from a possible breakdown into a powerful breakthrough for your client.

What you will learn:

● What the Negativity Bias is and where it comes from.

● Some strategies for interacting with clients in the moment when they are experiencing the Negativity Bias to help bring their creative thinking back on line.

● A simple tool Coaches can use immediately (for themselves and their clients) to go past the Negativity Bias with ease.

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