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August 2016

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Member Submissions

Submitted by: David Cory

The Canary Island Retreat – March/April 2017
Submitted by: Diane Crawford

CLI’s Whole Brain, Whole Person, Whole Potential - ICF Approved Executive, Business & Life Coach Training
Submitted by: John Burr

Listen, Sense, Grow for Small Business Owners
Submitted by: Maggie DiStasi

Mindfulness in Everyday Life: 16 Guidelines Equine Assisted Learning
Submitted by: Anne Porteous

Submitted by: Cinnie Noble

Advanced Coaching Program: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching
Submitted by: Ursula Pottinga

Special - Experienced Coaches – Early Bird Rate Extended! Join Leadership Coaching in Context
Submitted by: Dorothy Greenaway

Upcoming Mindfulness Training for Professionals
Submitted by: Lorraine Gilks

The Coaching Retreat
Submitted by: David Graham

The Confident Coach
Submitted by: Rebecca Heaslip

R&R for Life: Workplace Wellness Retreat
Submitted by: Indy Batth

Bridging the Gap From Chaos to Wellness
Submitted by: Joyce Odidison

Announcing the inaugural Women Living Big - LIVE event on Oct. 28th!
Submitted by: Carol Schulte

Become an ICF Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC) through Team Coaching International in Toronto, Fall of 2016
Submitted by: Michelle Chambers

EQ-I 2.0 & 360 Certification Program with Jacinta Hughes
Submitted by: Jacinta Hughes

Fall National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute Level 1 and 2 training program October 1-3, 2016
Submitted by: Nancy Forrester


Get certified to use the world's first, most researched, most flexible, most widely accepted, cost effective, online measure of emotional intelligence, which gives you a fantastic framework for coaching and provides credibility to you and your coaching business. The Emotional Quotient Inventory, from MHS, is the official measure of EQ of the government of Canada, government of Ontario, and government of Saskatchewan.

EITC was one of the first companies to partner with MHS to offer the EQ-i Certification Course and for the last 18 years we have been the leading provider of EQ-i Certification Courses in North America.

Get certified in the 2 Day onsite course in Toronto Aug 22-23 or Ottawa Oct 24-25, which includes certification to use the EQ-360 2.0. Click here for more information EQ-i 2.0 Certification Course

Exclusive Bonus Offering! Mastering EI Competencies (1 day immediately following the 2 day cert course), all about how to help clients develop EQ, you'll get participant manuals, games, exercises, activities, video clips, power point slides to use in workshops and seminars and coaching.

David Cory

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The Canary Island Retreat – March/April 2017

Would you like to use scientific knowledge to help you enjoy a healthy life? Maybe you are drawn to the exotic beauty of the Canary Island beaches and country side.

Do you enjoy experiencing new food, wine and culture? Do you need to relax and recharge?

Your time will be spent in a balanced way with workshops for your mind, food and activities for the body and soul and personal reflection time for your priorities and goals.

You will experience different locations on the island; mountains, historic ruins, fishing villages and the beach.

At the conclusion of your retreat you will have created a personal balanced scorecard, a roadmap for success, health and happiness.

Our retreat location is our family’s 14th century villa that was built by the original conquistador of the island.

Full Price is $2,400 CAD, Early Bird is $1,895. Our pricing is for single occupancy and we provide a discount for double occupancy if you are bringing a friend or partner.

The price includes everything (all food, drink and activities) except for airfare (approximately $900 destination FUE).


Diane Crawford

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CLI - Coaching and Leadership International Inc.

(Vancouver Island, Canada)

CLI’s Whole Brain, Whole Person, Whole Potential

ICF Approved Executive, Business & Life Coach Training

CLI provides you with a depth of coach training that would otherwise take years to obtain through extra trainings or constant upgrades and research. One CLI student explained how their client was delighted with the new variety and new methodologies that were allowing the client to go deeper faster for permanent positive change.

Special - email John directly ( ) and request our presentation: “The Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching”

Benefit from the Art & Science of Assisting Yourselves and Your Clients to:

  • Raise Leadership Competencies with advanced CLI Tools and Skills
  • Think like Einstein! Create brilliant thinkers who use their whole brain for Innovative Problem Solving and Goal Achievement.
  • Shift Subconscious Programming for Permanent Positive Change.
  • Eliminate old limiting beliefs.
  • Anchor new positive beliefs.
  • Uncover Unconstructive Patterns, Habits and Behaviors, and Reverse them Forever.
  • Coach the Whole Person for Personal and Professional Success.
  • Strengthen Relationships and Resolve Conflict by removing Judgment & Blame.
  • Identify and Remove the Biggest Boulders to Success in each area of Life.
  • Measure your client’s ROI

Which of these above benefits would you like to learn more about?

Up to 165 ICF ACSTH (or CCEUs)

Distance Learning Classes Start September 2016

Toronto & Sidney On-Site Classes start September 2016

Call us today! 1-866-254-4357 or +1-250-652-5390

Email today!

More information at:

John Burr

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Listen, Sense, Grow for Small Business Owners

Do you want to grow your small business,

but aren’t sure where to focus your time and energy for the best results?

Listen, Sense, Grow is a one-on-one, process-based coaching program to help you:

    • Get clear on where to focus your efforts,
    • Be realistic about what’s possible,
    • And manage self-doubt along the way.

There are many different ways to grow a small business, including networking, public speaking, writing or special offers. It can be hard to make choices and trust that you’re serving your business in the best way. Through Listen, Sense, Grow, you’ll work through a 4-part process that helps you gain the clarity you’re looking for and move forward with confidence in the year ahead.

By the end of this program, you will:

    • Know what to do next to grow your business and be confident about taking those steps
    • Have a short- and long-term plan to grow your business in the next 6-12 months
    • Develop the personal practices to support you when you’re uncertain or unmotivated


4 sessions (2 hours each)
In-person or Skype
Investment: $520 + hst

To learn more, please contact:

Maggie DiStasi, ACPC, PCC
Founder, Process-Based Living
(p) 416.988.5115

“Maggie’s gentle style and deeply empathetic approach were a soothing balm to the anxiety I felt about the future of my coaching and consulting practice. Her ground breaking program Listen, Sense, Grow works like magic for those of us who struggle to come up with a crystal clear vision of our futures…”


Maggie DiStasi

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Mindfulness in Everyday Life: 16 Guidelines Equine Assisted Learning 

Developing Compassion and Wisdom through a unique workshop series

Workshop Three
Realizing connection and creating the relationships you want
Offered: October 1st


Workshop Four
Embracing change and the possibility of creating a meaningful life
Offered: Oct. 2nd


Workshop Three: Realizing connection and creating the relationships you want.
Guidelines: Respect, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Loyalty
Date: October 1st 9am-4pm

Workshop Four: Embracing change and the possibility of creating a meaningful life.
Guidelines: Aspiration, Principles, Service, Courage
Date: October 2nd, 9am-4pm.

Location: Rockwood, Ontario

The 16G are being used around the world to take mindfulness into everyday life. They have been taught to school children, hospital staff, people working in the not-for-profit sector, health, mental health, university settings and in the corporate world. They are a tool to help create a culture of kindness, wisdom and compassion from families to professionals.

Through equine-assisted learning and experiential activities, participants will learn ‘How We Relate to Others’ and ‘How We Find Meaning’ and begin to practice the associated guidelines for each wisdom. By the end of each workshop participants will have the tools and understanding to begin to reclaim those aspects of inner life that shape happiness through wisdom and compassion.

Facilitator: Anne Porteous, MScN, EPC.
Register for one or all fours workshops, please visit:
Learn more about the 16 Guidelines:

Anne Porteous

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by CINERGY® Coaching

Conflict management coaching is a specialized niche in the fields of coaching and conflict management. It is a one-on-one technique, in which a trained coach assists people to effectively prevent or manage specific disputes and to enhance their conflict management skills.

The outcomes of this workshop are that participants will gain:

  • the theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching;
  • an introduction to and basic working knowledge of conflict management coaching using the CINERGY® model;
  • an understanding of the types of skills required to provide conflict management coaching;
  • experience of the coaching model as a coach, ‘client’ and observer;
  • knowledge of the applications of this technique; and
  • suggested documents and information about the logistics of conflict management coaching.

Schedule for 4 day in-person workshops:

  • October 11-14, 2016 (Ottawa French)
  • November 21-24, 2016 (Toronto)
  • November 21-24, 2016 (Ottawa English)

We offer a $100 discount to members of ICF.

For information on training in your workplace and for programs in other locations (or by telephone or webinar), please contact us.

ICF CCEUs are granted to participants who complete this workshop.

For more information and an application, contact CINERGY® Coaching at: Email:; Phone: 416-686-4247; Toll Free: 1-866-335-6466.

Cinnie Noble

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Advanced Coaching Program: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT till August 15 - Take your coaching to the next level and distinguish yourself! Advanced Coaching Program: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching for experienced coaches - cohort series starting in Toronto. Don’t miss out on the early bird discount.

Here is the information: or email Ursula at

Ursula Pottinga

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Special - Experienced Coaches – Early Bird Rate Extended!

Join Leadership Coaching in Context - Earn CCEs and ACTP Training Hours

Leadership Coaching in Context (BCA Part 2) includes a 3 day in person workshop and optional Practicum (10 virtual labs). It is for people have coach training and experience under their belts (minimum 60 hours of ICF approved coach specific training) and who are ready to hone your craft!

“I loved that this program brought together what I knew, and robustly built on that... Dorothy and Melinda provide a rich reservoir for accelerated learning. With steady doses of detailed mastery level observation and feedback, peer coaching, and practice, this was more than a course, it was a learning community ecosystem for business coaching professionals. Kelly Cowan Senior Learning Consultant, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, RCC™, and B.C.A.C.P.™

The Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program is an ICF ACTP. It is a fresh, leading-edge and intensive program for business/leadership coaches. Part 1 is for newer coaches. Part 2 & 3 are designed for experienced coaches who want to exceptional training, transformative learning and expanded and deepen capabilities.

Next program: Sept 14-16, 2016 (followed by an optional intensive 10-week Practicum!)

BCA Grads and GTA members save an additional $200 – register by August 31, 2016.

Learn more:

Dorothy Greenaway, MCC and Melinda Sinclair, Chartered Business Coach™ and PCC are internationally recognized trailblazers in professional coaching, coach education, blending decades of leadership development & coaching with expertise in facilitating exceptional adult learning experiences.

Dorothy Greenaway

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Upcoming Mindfulness Training for Professionals

3P Coaching and Daybreak Training have teamed up to offer a joint certificate mindfulness training program for therapists, psychologists, coaches and counsellors. If you are looking to create a personal practice or to enhance your delivery of mindfulness-based services, you’ll find this training to be filled with practical and hands-on tips, techniques and materials.

This two-day training will introduce participants to the foundations of mindfulness practices, and supporting research. Participants will learn the personal and professional benefits of creating a mindfulness practice and will explore interesting and unique ways to build mindfulness into their product and service offerings.

After completing the two-day training, participants will:

  • Identify, manage and decrease personal and professional stressors
  • Create the framework for developing or enhancing a personal practice
  • Understand the importance and complexity of incorporating mindfulness skills and techniques that increase physical (body), mental (thoughts) and emotional (feeling) awareness into coaching and counselling
  • Integrate mindfulness skills and techniques into their coaching/ counselling practices
  • Learn and practice coaching skills that enhance mindfulness and improve client success
  • Create tool-box of resources and activities
Day 1: Mindfulness Foundational Practices in Counselling & Coaching
Friday October 14, 2016
9 am – 4 pm
Holiday Inn Express, Richmond Hill

Day 2: Advanced Application Practices
Saturday October 15, 2016
9 am – 4 pm
Holiday Inn Express, Richmond Hill

The total cost is $450 plus HST, and a certificate is included (Mindfulness Practices in Coaching and Counselling), along with one follow-up consultation session. Lunch and all materials also provided.

Click here for more information

Lorraine Gilks

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EDGE3 Proudly Presents: Two days on a private island in Muskoka to sharpen your coaching skills through workshops, facilitated brainstorms and outdoor adventure.

DATES: SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2016


Whether you’re an experienced coach or just beginning your coaching journey, you’ll be enriched by other talented professionals and fill your pack with tools to share with your organization. Let it all resonate through yoga, guided meditation, hiking or kayaking.

Sound interesting? Let’s talk!


David Graham

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Do You Have a Passion for Coaching & Training Managers?

Do you believe that people want to learn, grow and contribute?

Achieve certification in the 2.5 day the Confident Coach coach-training program and train managers how to coach and inspire their teams for enhanced engagement and performance.

You also earn International Coach Federation, CCE credits of 14.5 hours!

The ICF accredited Certification program will be held on September 29, 30th in Oakville ON. This training will provide you with the knowledge and licence to market and facilitate the 2 day Confident Coach™ Program to managers in organizations of all sizes and in all industries. This modularized program trains managers how to hold regular, respectful and results-focused coaching sessions with staff to help them grow, take risks and develop their own solutions.

You will receive:

  • Interactive, in-class training for 2 days; ½ day session one-on-one
  • Electronic PDF PowerPoint presentation of the Confident Coach™
  • 100 page Printed Leader Guide with comprehensive Resource tool-kit
  • Opportunities to co-brand marketing materials with your logo and contact information

Open to independent and in-house trainers, coaches, consultants

To register or learn more, please contact:
Rebecca Heaslip, Chief Talent Advisor
Leadership Insight Inc
Toll Free: 1-888-878-5913

Watch for certification training sessions coming soon to:
GTA West

If you can’t come but you refer someone who does attend (and successfully achieves certification) you will receive a referral fee of 5% of their registration fee.

Enhance your professional standing – get certified and make an impact!

Rebecca Heaslip

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What is work-related stress costing you?

Join us at this interactive and experiential weekend retreat …

R&R for Life: Workplace Wellness Retreat

Friday October 14 - Sunday Oct 16, 2016
Lotus Heart Centre, Brighton, Ontario

R&R for Life is designed to foster resilient leadership. We are excited to support organizations in improving employee performance, engagement and effectiveness. Learn vital strategies and practices to shift from reactive to a resilient and resourceful mindset. Deepen understanding of the impact of workplace stress and discover effective ways to cut through daily stressors with heightened awareness, new perspectives and practical tools.

This program was inspired through collective dreaming by co-facilitators Indy Batth, Lucy Shenouda, Sylvia Abergil.

Early Bird ends: Aug. 31, 2016
Registration deadline: Sept. 30, 2016
Group Registration available.

Learn more at

Indy Batth

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Bridging the Gap

From Chaos to Wellness

Workplace Wellness Improvement Program

Learn a behaviour change coaching model that focuses on improving all life dimensions, so employees can live better to work longer.

Workplaces use WWIP to Respond to:

- Diversity and Cultural Issues
- Interpersonal Skills Development
- Leadership and Social Skills

Focus of WWIP:

- Work and Life Wellness Improvement
- Change Mindset and Behaviour
- New Heights of Performance

Benefits of Joining Our Team:

- Increase credibility and impact with clients
- Increase corporate engagements
- Access to our WWIP CRM
- Access to our wellness coaching LMS

Have Greater Impact with a Model that Addresses the Whole Person!

Call 1-877-999-9591 (toll free) to find out more, or visit us at

Work Well – Live Well – Play Well

Joyce Odidison

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Announcing the inaugural Women Living Big - LIVE event on Oct. 28th!

This year's theme is 'Take the Leap!'

Take the leap OUT of our comfort zone,

Take the leap INTO your biggest life.



On Friday, Oct. 28th, 150+ women entrepreneurs, small business owners, & professionals will be coming together at the Telus Tower for a powerful day of #learningBIG, #playingBIG, and #givingBIG.


We will be creating experiences to learn, play and give in REAL time.

Experiences you may have always dreamt of, and now is the time to make them happen.

Some highlights include:

    • Opening keynote speaker, two-time Gold Medal Olympian Heather Moyse
    • Musical performance by the incredible Angie Nussey
    • Workshops under the three arms including African dance, intro to Sign Language, drumming & percussion, learn to juggle, watercolour painting, and more!
    • Five ‘real’ women sharing their living big stories
    • Opportunities to connect, network, and stretch yourself in a fun and safe environment with other like-minded women
    • Giving BIG initiative and proceeds to go to Women's Aide Toronto

It's time to stop THINKING about what your life could look like.


For more information and to get in on earlybird ($119!), visit HERE: (

Carol Schulte

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Become an ICF Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC)

through Team Coaching International in Toronto, Fall of 2016

Join us for an informational webinar to learn about the simple pathways to become a Certified Team Performance Coach™. Bring your team coaching practice to a new level! The certification program consists of 3 components:

1. Understand & Access the Tools: 13 CCE's – On-line learning at your convenience to learn about the 4 team coaching tools
2. The Master Class: 19.50 CCE's - Nov., 2-4 in Toronto – hands on practice using team coaching competencies and skills
3. Accelerated Learning: 27.50 CCE's – 6 virtual sessions for a deeper dive into team coaching methodology with faculty and practitioners.

Free Tools Included with Your Registration

When you sign up for the Full Certification (FC) program you will receive a credit for a free Team Diagnostic™ for a team of up to 8 people. When you sign up for Accelerated Learning you receive free Team Leader View™ assessments and access to Team Coaching University, and our full support.

Webinar Dates (Choose one):

Thursday, August 25 1:00 P.M. EDT
Wed., September 7 10:00 a.m. EDT
Tues., September 13 3:00 p.m. EDT

Please contact Michelle at (905) 626-6494 or, stating your webinar preference to get a personalized webinar registration link.

Michelle Chambers, CTPC, CSODP, CHRL, CTDP, M.Ed
Canadian Partner, Authorized Facilitator and Certification Program Faculty

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EQ-I 2.0 & 360 Certification Program with Jacinta Hughes

Give your self and your organization the EQ edge this year. The invaluable 2-day EQ-i Certification Program is a dynamic experiential session focused on learning how to administer, score, interpret, and develop plans with the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360. It will provide you with the information and skills you will need to make educated and informed decisions regarding employees or clients and to form the basis of a sound Emotional Intelligence skills development program within your organization. The 2-day program also includes a comprehensive training kit, online modules, The EQ Edge book, an individual assessment and debrief, plus a $280 token towards administering future assessments. Programs eligible for 16 CCE credits.

For more info and to register:

Webinar August 23 & 24th Online EQ-i 2.0 & 360 Certification $1795.

Toronto Oct 25, 26th EQ-i 2.0 & 360 Certification $1795.

9-4pm at Verity, 111 Queen Street East, Toronto


Jacinta Hughes

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Fall National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute Level 1 and 2 training program October 1-3, 2016

ICF Member, Nancy Forrester, is offering her Fall National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute Level 1 and 2 training program October 1-3, 2016. This program features pre-training access to online course materials and handouts to study prior to the Live training intensive in October. The live class is followed by 8 incredible weeks of follow up and support through live group calls, recordings and additional supportive materials. 

Learn more at Limited space and seats fill fast.

ICF Member, Nancy Forrester, is an internationally acclaimed transformational coach and mentor. She is dedicated to teaching coaches, therapists and wellness practitioners the ‘HOW TO’ of applying cutting edge neuroscience and quantum physics to truly facilitate healthy sustainable change for themselves and their clients. As Canada’s only accredited Trainer of Trainers of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) she is the expert on how resolving the biological ramifications of emotional stress is the key to creating positive change today. Nancy is offering 3 introductory workshops in the GTA in September as well as the foundational 3 day professional EFT training on Oct. 1,2,3 in Markham. More information at

Nancy Forrester

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