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Community Events

January 2017

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Member Submissions

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Submitted by: Nancy Forrester

CLI‘s Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching
Submitted by: John Burr

Is it time for you to gain the Business Coaching Advantage?
Submitted by: Dorothy Greenaway

Submitted by: David Cory

moSpeaker Training… ideal for coaches to build business and use as a coaching tool!
Submitted by: Michel Neray

Upcoming Mindfulness Trainings for Professionals
Submitted by: Lorraine Gilks

Group Mentoring Opportunity: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level
Submitted by: Manon Dulude

FREE 20 Minute Me First Energy Scan!!!!
Submitted by: Donna Hall

Sales from your Heart - Inspired and customized for CTI coaches
Submitted by: Christine Boyle

Create YOUR Coaching Practice - A program designed with YOU in mind
Submitted by: Bruce McLeod

NEW Blended Coaching Program at the OISE, University of Toronto
Submitted by: Haesun Moon

Kids Coaching Connection Winter Institute
Submitted by: Susan Howson

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Are you hearing the buzz about EFT/tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)? It’s an evidence-based technique from the newly emerging field of Energy Psychology, integrating various coaching/therapy modalities from talking, cognitive behavioural strategies, NLP through to positive psychology. EFT gives you and your clients an ‘in the moment’ way to interrupt stress, overwhelm, fear, anger, sadness and other forms of resistance that stop your clients from getting the most out of your coaching wisdom, regardless of whether you’re helping them with health, wealth, relationships, peak performance or career issues. They get faster deeper results and you get a deep sense of satisfaction! Next class is Feb 25-27, 2017. Space fills quickly.

If you’d like to learn more visit my upcoming events page to attend an event or let’s chat.

Nancy Forrester, CEO,
Clinical Member Ontario Society of Psychotherapists MBA, B.Ed., B.Sc.,
Accredited EFT Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers
Certified Emotional Success Coach

Nancy Forrester

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CLI’s Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching

CLI’s Whole Brain, Whole Person, Whole Potential

ICF Approved Executive, Business & Life Coach Training

CLI provides you with a depth of coach training that would otherwise take years to obtain through extra trainings or constant upgrades and research. One CLI student explained how their client was delighted with this new approach that was allowing the client to go deeper faster for permanent positive change.

Special - email John directly ( and request our presentation: “The Science of Mind-Kinetics® in Coaching”

Benefit from the Art & Science of Assisting Yourselves and Your Clients to:

  • Raise Leadership Competencies with advanced CLI Tools and Skills
  • Think like Einstein! Create brilliant thinkers who use their whole brain for Innovative Problem Solving and Goal Achievement.
  • Shift Subconscious Programming for Permanent Positive Change.
  • Eliminate old limiting beliefs.
  • Anchor new positive beliefs.
  • Uncover Unconstructive Patterns, Habits and Behaviors, and Reverse them Forever.
  • Coach the Whole Person for Personal and Professional Success.
  • Strengthen Relationships and Resolve Conflict by removing Judgment & Blame.
  • Identify and Remove the Biggest Boulders to Success in each area of Life.
  • Measure your client’s ROI
Which of these above benefits would you like to learn more about?
Up to 165 ICF ACSTH (or CCEUs)

Distance Learning Classes Start February 2017
On-Site Classes start in Toronto & Sidney 2017

Call today! 1-866-254-4357 or +1-250-652-5390
Email today!
More info at:

John Burr

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Is it time for you to gain the Business Coaching Advantage?

Do you…

  • Aspire to be a coach in the leadership/organizational context?
  • Coach formally or informally as part of your role?
  • Want to enhance your confidence, competence, credibility and impact with those you coach?

March 22-24! Coaching Essentials – Part 1 of the BCA Certification Program! ICF Accredited!

Why a dedicated leadership/business coaching program? Because being a great business coach isn't easy. People who coach in a leadership/business context need more than just “good people skills” and “business smarts”. To cultivate leadership capability coaches need a sophisticated blend of knowledge, specialized coaching skills and business experience.

Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™ is a fresh, robust and tightly focused program. Essentials Coursework is 3 days and can stand alone as a solid foundation. Add the Essentials Virtual Practicum and you have a compact 4 month program and intense learning and gain a WABC credential. Follow on with Part 2 and 3 and you complete our full ICF ACTP.

Essentials is for newer coaches, and for people who support leaders in HR, OD, Training, Consulting and leadership roles who want to deepen learning & further develop their competence, credibility & confidence as a coach in a business context.

Dorothy Greenaway, MCC and Melinda Sinclair, Chartered Business Coach™ are internationally recognized trailblazers in professional coaching & coach education, blending decades of leadership development & coaching with expertise in facilitating exceptional adult learning experiences.

Dorothy Greenaway

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in Toronto, May 8, 9 (10), 2017

Get certified to use the world's first, most researched, most flexible, most widely accepted, cost effective, online measure of emotional intelligence, which gives you a fantastic framework for coaching and provides credibility to you and your coaching business. The Emotional Quotient Inventory, from MHS, is the official measure of EQ of the government of Canada, and is used at Google, Autodesk, Husky Energy, Phillips Electronics, etc. around the world.

EITC was one of the first companies to partner with MHS to offer the EQ-i Certification Course and for the last 18 years we have been the leading provider of EQ-i Certification Courses in North America.

Get certified in the 2 Day onsite course in Ottawa Feb 13, 14 (15) or Toronto May 8, 9, (10), which includes certification to use the EQ-360 2.0. Click here for more information EQ-i 2.0 Certification Course

Exclusive Bonus Offering! Mastering EI Competencies (1 day immediately following the 2 day cert course), is all about how to help clients develop EQ, you'll get the participant manual, games, exercises, activities, video clips, power point slides to use in workshops and seminars and coaching. 

Click here to register AND for all other 2017 dates & cities.

David Cory

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moSpeaker Training… ideal for coaches to build business and use as a coaching tool!

Over the years, we have studied, dissected and figured out the difference between the good speakers and those who are truly awesome. What we learned made us realize why it’s so hard to find any one speaker coach or training program that really accelerates your effectiveness and success... because it isn’t just one key skill or competency that makes the difference -- it's a lot of things that only work when they work together.

Limited to just 12 participants, and facilitated by Michel Neray, founder of momondays, a major portion of each Purposeful Storytelling Workshop is devoted to working with each individual in order to help you go from a good speaker to a great speaker. It’s a unique approach that incorporates elements of the crafts of storytelling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), scriptwriting, classic speaker training, stand-up comedy, improv and acting.

Checkout the list of dates and location here:

Michel Neray

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Upcoming Mindfulness Trainings for Professionals

3P Coaching and Daybreak Training have teamed up to offer a joint certificate mindfulness training program for coaches, therapists, psychologists, and counsellors. If you are looking to create a personal practice or to enhance your delivery of mindfulness-based services, you’ll find this training to be filled with practical and hands-on tips, techniques and materials.

This two-day training will introduce participants to the foundations of mindfulness practices, and supporting research. Participants will learn the personal and professional benefits of creating a mindfulness practice and will explore interesting and unique ways to build mindfulness into their product and service offerings.

After completing the two-day training, participants will:

  • Identify, manage and decrease personal and professional stressors
  • Create the framework for developing or enhancing a personal practice
  • Understand the importance and complexity of incorporating mindfulness skills and techniques that increase physical (body), mental (thoughts) and emotional (feeling) awareness into coaching and counselling
  • Integrate mindfulness skills and techniques into their coaching/ counselling practices
  • Learn and practice coaching skills that enhance mindfulness and improve client success
  • Create tool-box of resources and activities

Toronto Dates:

March 10th & 11th, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Newfoundland Dates:

May 20th & 21st, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The total cost is $580 plus HST and includes:

  • A certificate (Mindfulness Practices in Coaching and Counselling)
  • Free Online Course: Breaking The Worry Trance
  • One follow-up consultation session.
  • All materials also provided.

This certificate program has been pre-approved for ICF CCE units (9.77hrs).

For more information and to register, Click here

Lorraine Gilks

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Group Mentoring Opportunity: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

If you are working toward acquiring or renewing ICF credentials through ACSTH or Portfolio Path, take advantage of Group Mentor Coaching sessions now offered by Manon Dulude Ph.D, PCC, ICF credentialing assessor. New groups forming now for 2017.

If you prefer one-to-one coaching, Individual Mentoring sessions are scheduled at the pace of the mentee. Your Individual Mentor coaching calls will take an in depth look at your coaching skills and provide detailed and constructive feedback to elevate your coaching and mastery of coaching competencies.

Deepen your service through mastery of the ICF Core Competencies. To learn more and register visit:

Manon Dulude

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FREE 20 Minute Me First Energy Scan!!!!

How To Stop Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed

Right now I’m noticing how many people put themselves last.

  • Are you feeling STRESSED and OVERWHELMED?
  • Do you keep putting YOURSELF LAST?

Would you like MORE CLARITY about what is going on with your energy field and 7-Major Chakras? If the answer is YES, then I invite you to receive a FREE 20 Minute Me First Energy Scan TODAY!!

I’m offering free Me First Energy Scans to the first 10 people who contact me.

  • Discover how to eliminate overwhelm and stress
  • Understand your 7-Major Chakra Blocks stopping you from achieving the success you desire
  • Gain new clarity about what you are meant to be doing to capitalize on your innate DNA SUCCESS

I am making this available now as a post-holiday present to all those that keep putting themselves LAST….It is TIME for YOU…NOW.

To book your free scan, contact me at

Certified Intuitive Energy Healer, Coach & Facilitator

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Sales from your Heart

Inspired and customized for CTI coaches

Turning traditional sales on it's head

Learn proven techniques from CTI coach and sales professional
that are CTI-inspired, people-first

that will build your confidence and
respect and honour you and your prospects.

Customized for CTI coaches
(minimum 4 participants – maximum 6)

You’ll get easy to use tools
You’ll learn how to link client’s needs and your offerings
Understand the buying cycle
Leverage our RoadMAP: the neuroscience of sales
And uncover buying motivators
to land more clients

Tuesday January 24 – February 21st 2017
7-8 pm – Live Zoom video

$49/week ♦1 hour/week ♦ 4 weeks

Christine Boyle is an award-winning sales professional, has her ACC and CPCC as a graduate of CTI and completed the Humanity’s Institute Conscious Business training program. Her approach is distinctive and unique as she blends 20 years business experience with her Co-Active credentials, holistic Reiki training and Aboriginal Healing modalities, all deepening and fast-tracking her client’s results. or call me 1+ 647 274 0033.

Christine Boyle, AHP, CPCC, ACC

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Create YOUR Coaching Practice

A program designed with YOU in mind.

Facilitated by Bruce McLeod and Diane Lloyd

This program is for you if:

  • You’re a coaching graduate new to the world of entrepreneurship.
  • You have already launched a practice but aren’t getting the results you want.
  • You have been coaching internally and are ready to “take the leap” to launch your business.
  • You want help mapping out your business strategy AND getting clients.
  • You feel a bit overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start.
  • You want to connect with coaching business mentors and a supportive group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Sound familiar? We can help.

We designed this program to help you thrive in your coaching business. The content has been road tested—it’s based on our experiences, failures, successes and experiments.

Why Invest?
Many coaching businesses fail in the first two years and there are many good reasons for this. One reason is that new coaches haven't invested the time and energy to learn about what it takes to build and sustain a business. This path you have chosen is about more than coaching; it is about becoming a business owner, a marketer, a salesperson, a strategist, and oh yes, a coach.

The Details
Start Date: Friday, Sept 30 to Friday, Nov 18, 2016
One-hour webinars using ADOBE Connect, on Fridays for 8 consecutive weeks. (Webinars are recorded if you are unable to attend)
8:30am PST, 11:30am EST.

Go to our website for more information and to register:

Bruce McLeod

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NEW Blended Coaching Program at the OISE, University of Toronto

This very first cohort of blended Brief Coaching program launches in February (Feb 23-25) with the first cohort of 20 people. The registration opened on January 13, 2017, and the spaces are filling up quickly as the introductory rate only applies to this cohort. For more information, please visit the website or email at

Haesun Moon

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Kids Coaching Connection

“Taking Relationships with Kids and Youth to a Whole New Level”

ICF Fully Approved ACSTH Program

The Kids Coaching Connection program is an intensive, experiential program made up of five core courses; Divine Elementals, Divine Design, Divine Possibilities, Divine Expressions and Divine Connections. It is the proud recipient of the ICF PRISM award. This International leader in Life Coach training focussed on kids/youth and families presents all courses in the series during the:

Kids Coaching Connection Winter Institute

Five comprehensive courses will be delivered in only 2 weeks. You will realize a trans-forming and life changing experience designed to foster foundations of trust, communication and meaningful connections with kids, youth and families. It will help you develop all aspects of a kid’s and youth’s being so they can tap into their Magnificence.

Kids Coaching Connection Winter Institute

February 20 - 24, 2017 & March 13 - 18, 2017
Location: Toronto, Ontario
February 6 - 10, & March 6 - 11, 2017
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Investment: $495.00 + HST per course

For full course descriptions go to:

Past Participants Say it all:

“Kids Coaching Connection is an outstanding training program for everyone who works with kids, youth and families in any capacity” (M. LR, ACC - Holistic Youth Life Coach)

“The coaching framework taught from and within the heart is truly masterful” (M. D - Pediatric Nutritionist and Life Coach)

“Take this program to learn the tools that you don’t hear or see elsewhere. Truly inspirational” (S.G. - Teacher)

To Register contact: Susan Howson

Susan Howson

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Submission Guidelines

ICF-Toronto Chapter Members and Affiliates (paid the $100 fee):
  • Limited to 1 free submission per month
  • Additional submissions $50/insertion
ICF-Toronto Guests:
  • Small submission (up to 100 words with link to your site):  $100/insertion
  • Large submission (up to 250 words with link to your site):  $150/insertion
Please note:
  • Submissions by ICF-Toronto Members will only be accepted for events they themselves are presenting.  All other events will be deemed to fall under the "Guest" category.
  • All listings are linked to our monthly e-bulletin that is published on the 15th of each month and emailed to all members.
  • Maximum 250 words.
  • Submissions will be sent to in either plain text, HTML or Word doc format.
  • Payment must be received and processed by the deadline in order for the submission to be distributed.
  • Lead time:  All submissions must be received and paid for 8-10 business days before the publish date.
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