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Community Events

November 2017

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Member Submissions

Canada’s #1 Leadership Conference - Toronto / November 28, 2017
Submitted by: Vivek Mehmi

ICF Los Angeles – Free Teleclasses
Submitted by: Elsbeth Tate

Mentor Mondays by Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC
Submitted by: Cathy Shaughnessy

Group Mentoring Opportunity: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level
Submitted by: Manon Dulude

Submitted by: Michel Neray

Submitted by: Cinnie Noble

An ExecutiveCoachGlobal Exclusive for Leadership Excellence
Submitted by: Nance MacLeod

Learn how to coach teams, families, groups or companies by leveraging your coaching skills
Submitted by: Adria Trowhill

Webinar: "What causes cancer cells to grow – a view on cancer from the “other side"
Submitted by: Nancy Forrester

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Canada’s #1 Leadership Conference

Toronto / November 28, 2017

The Art of Leadership is returning to Toronto on November 28th and ICF Toronto members have an opportunity to participate in this exceptional day of learning. Additionally, a preferred rate has been established for our members that are interested in attending.

The Art of Leadership brings together the most respected names in thought leadership in a place of inspirational interaction. Surrounded by a network of like-minded individuals, this conference is built around the stories, ideas, discoveries and collaborative moments that drive achievement. Speakers include:

Vice President Joe Biden - 47th Vice President of the United States
Amanda Lang - Anchor, Bloomberg TV Canada and Bestselling Author of The Beauty of Discomfort
Welby Altidor - Executive Creative Director Formerly with Cirque du Soleil and Author
Dr. Tasha Eurich - New York Times Bestselling Author, Organizational Psychologist and Researcher
Vince Molinaro - New York Times Bestselling Author and Leadership Expert

For more information you can visit: The Art of Leadership website


Register using promo code ICF20 and save $50 per pass, this event will sell out so make sure to get your pass before it is too late!

Register Now: Click Here

Vivek Mehmi

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ICF Los Angeles – Join us for Free Teleclasses!

Elsbeth Tate

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Mentor Mondays by Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC

A message from Cathy “I’ve personally provided over 375 hours of direct mentor coaching AND I still coach (over 5000 hours and counting), so I know the ropes. I’ll be showing you exactly how quickly you can ratchet your mastery of the ICF coaching competencies up a notch or two. Come join us for Mentor Mondays!

Cathy Shaughnessy

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Group Mentoring Opportunity: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

If you are working toward acquiring or renewing ICF credentials through ACSTH or Portfolio Path, take advantage of Group Mentor Coaching sessions offered by Manon Dulude Ph.D, PCC, ICF credentialing assessor. New groups forming now.

If you prefer one-to-one coaching, Individual Mentoring sessions are scheduled at the pace of the mentee. Your Individual Mentor coaching calls will take an in depth look at your coaching skills and provide detailed and constructive feedback to elevate your coaching and mastery of coaching competencies.

Deepen your service through mastery of the ICF Core Competencies. To learn more and register visit:

Manon Dulude

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Put storytelling into a blender. Add a dash of inspiration. Drop in a load of laughs. Mix in live music, and great conversation, then push the ‘high’ setting… This momondays features singer/songwriter Matt Keys, and speakers Andrea Ivanka, Darcy Patrick, Gabriela Love, Courtney Macleod and Rhea Anne. YOU MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE AT MOMONDAYS!

Michel Neray

P.S. The music portion of momondays on Nov 20 will be with Matt Keys of Keys to Belfast (

P.P.S. momondays was started in Toronto in 2012 and has since grown to 14 locations across Canada. That's a pretty cool story in itself!!!

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by CINERGY® Coaching

Conflict management coaching is a specialized niche in the fields of coaching and conflict management. It is a one-on-one technique, in which a trained coach assists people to effectively prevent or manage specific disputes and to enhance their conflict management skills.

The outcomes of this workshop are that participants will gain:

o the theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching;
o an introduction to and basic working knowledge of conflict management coaching using the CINERGY® model;
o an understanding of the types of skills required to provide conflict management coaching;
o experience of the coaching model as a coach, ‘client’ and observer;
o knowledge of the applications of this technique; and
o suggested documents and information about the logistics of conflict management coaching.

Schedule for 4 day in-person workshops:

  • Toronto - November 20-23, 2017
  • Ottawa/Gatineau (French) - January 23-26, 2018
  • Ottawa (English) - March 27-30, 2018

We offer a $100 discount to members of ICF.

For information on training in your workplace and for programs in other locations (or by telephone or webinar), please contact us.

ICF CCEUs are granted to participants who complete this workshop.

For more information and an application, contact CINERGY® Coaching at: Email:; Phone: 416-686-4247; Toll Free: 1-866-335-6466.

Cinnie Noble

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An ExecutiveCoachGlobal

Exclusive for Leadership Excellence

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Exceptional leaders today realize that they can’t do this on their own. Rather, they surround themselves with other successful peers who help them become better leaders and accelerate their business results while enhancing their personal and professional well-being.

Purpose of the Mastermind Group

Joining a Mastermind Group can help you gain support in delivering on your commitments to yourself, allow you to receive valuable feedback from a small group of like-minded individuals, and tap into the true source of your groups mind power.

Have you ever asked yourself?

    • What do I really want?
    • What fears are holding me back?
    • What do I need to change to get what I want?
    • What beliefs do I need to let go of?
    • What’s standing in my way to achieving success

Key Components of the Mastermind Group:

    • Strengthening your inner leader so you can perform at extraordinary levels
    • Creating excellence and happiness on the inside that will transform on the outside
    • Accountability to keep you focused and on track of your goals
    • Education, brainstorming, and problem solving
    • Insights which improve your business and personal life
    • A complete shift in your thinking to be an inspiration and make a difference
    • An objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group, all rolled into one!
For more information Contact us today | | 416-603-6859 | and go to

Nance MacLeod

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If you can coach one on one, you can coach teams, families, groups or companies. Learn how to do this by leveraging your coaching skills to engage and enrich team experiences. Use the tools you have as well as those you will be given: learn how to create your own tools.

Location: Brampton Ontario 

Cost: $1695 (create your own payment plan)

Dates: January 22-25, 2017

Facilitators: Adria Trowhill, MCC, Dean Emerita Adler International Coaching program worldwide; team facilitator since 1994

Brian Cyr, PCC, Faculty, Adler Coaching Program, team facilitator

To register contact Adria at 416-229-4798, or Brian at 416-720-8755

Adria Trowhill

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The National EFT Training Institute invites you to an evening LIVE webinar presentation on November 29th at 5 pm on "What causes cancer cells to grow – a view on cancer from the “other side," featuring Mona Meyer as Guest Speaker. This event is a Free event, exploring the concept of cancer from a broader perspective, a biological root cause and how stress can contribute to the environment that cancer grows in and How you, as a coach, practitioner or trainer, can add new skills to your toolkit to change the environment to a healthier space. Hosted by NeftTI and Nancy Forrester, this event has limited space so register early.

Nancy Forrester (MBA, BEd, BSc) is a Clinical Member Ontario Society of Psychotherapists (Retired), Accredited Master EFT Trainer of Trainers (AAMET International) and Executive Director at the National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute

Nancy Forrester

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Submission Guidelines

ICF-Toronto Chapter Members and Affiliates (paid the $100 fee):
  • Limited to 1 free submission per month
  • Additional submissions $50/insertion
ICF-Toronto Guests:
  • Small submission (up to 100 words with link to your site):  $100/insertion
  • Large submission (up to 250 words with link to your site):  $150/insertion
Please note:
  • Submissions by ICF-Toronto Members will only be accepted for events they themselves are presenting.  All other events will be deemed to fall under the "Guest" category.
  • All listings are linked to our monthly e-bulletin that is published on the 15th of each month and emailed to all members (or next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend).
  • Maximum 250 words.
  • Submissions will be sent to in either plain text, HTML or Word doc format.
  • Payment must be received and processed by the deadline in order for the submission to be distributed.
  • Lead time:  All submissions must be received and paid for 8-10 business days before the publish date.
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