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Community Events

February 2018

"Community Events" brings you the latest news about upcoming community events including professional development opportunities and upcoming conferences and events brought to you by local coaches and peers.  Please see our Submission Guidelines below.  

Member Submissions

Book Club for Coaches
Submitted by: Manon Dulude

Mentor Mondays by Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC
Submitted by: Cathy Shaughnessy

The EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification
Submitted by: Rumeet Billan

Q: What certification do most top coaches possess?
A: EQ-i 2.0 Certification. Get yours: Ottawa-Feb 26-28 or Toronto-April 23-24, 2018

Submitted by: David Cory

You’re So Brave: A Master Class in Courage
Submitted by: Darlene Chrissley

Touchdown! 3 Ways to Enter the Coaching Hall of Fame
Submitted by: Janice Gair

What’s Next in Your Life or Work? Design Your Future May 20 -25, 2018
Submitted by: Wendy Woods

Submitted by: Michel Neray

Gain the Business Coaching Advantage! Register for March Programs
Submitted by: Dorothy Greenaway

Free Mini-Series in Neuroscience
Submitted by: Irena O’Brien

National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute - Next Level 1 & 2 training is Feb 23-25, 2018
Submitted by: Nancy Forrester

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Book Club for Coaches

Manon Dulude PhD, RP, PCC, BCC invites you to join the Book Club for Coaches featuring prominent authors of our day. Read, learn and engage in lively conversation with professional coaches as you share knowledge with colleagues from across the continent. It’s an enriching, collaborative way to get caught up with your reading while hearing the perspectives of others.

This virtual Book Club is ongoing and new members are always welcome. Scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of each month, the Book Club meets via Zoom and we welcome members from across Canada and the US. Try this innovative and cost effective approach to earning CCEU credits by signing up on our website at

Manon Dulude

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Mentor Mondays by Cathy Shaughnessy, MCC

A message from Cathy “I’ve personally provided over 375 hours of direct mentor coaching AND I still coach (over 5000 hours and counting), so I know the ropes. I’ll be showing you exactly how quickly you can ratchet your mastery of the ICF coaching competencies up a notch or two. Come join us for Mentor Mondays!

Cathy Shaughnessy

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The EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification

Become certified with Multi-Health Systems (MHS) and incorporate the emotional intelligence assessment tools within your practice and your organization. Our two-day program certifies you to deliver the Level B EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessment tools. The process requires participants to complete three online modules, two days of live training and an online exam. Once completed, participants will become certified by MHS. We have dates available in Toronto for February, April and June! To learn more, visit

Our lead facilitator, Dr. Rumeet Billan, is a learning architect at Viewpoint Leadership Inc. which focuses designing experiences that build resilience. At the age of 25 and again three years later, Rumeet was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network and was featured in as a ‘Generation Entrepreneur’. Rumeet’s mission is to design experiences that build resilience. For further details, please visit

Rumeet Billan

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Q: What certification do most top coaches possess?
A: EQ-i 2.0 Certification. Get yours: Ottawa-Feb 26-28 or Toronto-April 23-24, 2018

Leading organizations world-wide are implementing emotional intelligence programs for employees. Get certified to use the world's first, most researched, most flexible, most widely accepted, cost effective, online measure of emotional intelligence. It's a fantastic framework for coaching and provides credibility to you and your coaching business.

EITC was one of the first companies to partner with MHS to offer the EQ-i Certification Course and for the last 20 years we have been a leading provider of EQ-i Certification Courses in North America.

Get certified in the 2 Day onsite course in Ottawa or Toronto, which includes certification to use the EQ-360 2.0. Click here for more information.

Exclusive Bonus Offering! Mastering EI Competencies (1 day immediately following the 2 day cert course), is all about how to help clients develop EQ, you'll get the participant manual, exercises, activities, video clips, and power point slides to use in workshops and seminars and coaching. Click here to register and to see all other 2018 dates & cities.

David Cory

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You’re So Brave: A Master Class in Courage

You’re So Brave is both a deep dive into the nature of courage. And a guided coaching program to help you find the courage to live a bolder, braver, more impactful life.

What’s Included:

  • Thoughtful essays that dive deep into the nature of courage.
  • Weekly experiments where we practice putting courage into action.
  • Encouraging podcasts that remind you what you’re made of.
  • The guidance of a master coach in weekly group coaching sessions.
  • A Field Guide to help you record and reflect on your learning, your experiments, and the impact of your acts of courage in your life and the world around you.

The program begins March 6, 2015

Coaching sessions are Tuesdays from 7-8:30 EST March 6 to April 10

Cost for the 6 Week Session: $249

Register Here:

Facilitator: Darlene Chrissley was instrumental in establishing the coach profession in Canada. She is a former director of the ICF GTA and was a founding faculty member of the Adler coaching program. She stands for living, learning and leading with creativity and imagination. And is constantly testing her courage with new adventures.

Darlene Chrissley

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Touchdown! 3 Ways to Enter the Coaching Hall of Fame

Another exciting Superbowl! What can coaches learn from professional football? A lot, in fact.

From rookies, to wide receivers, to star quarterbacks, football coaches take the time to train and support every player on their team, regardless of their role. Professional sports coaches know that when every member of the team succeeds, the whole team succeeds.

Bill Walsh, Hall of Fame coach of the San Francisco 49ers from 1979 to 1988, is widely recognized for his success with turning the team around. In 10 seasons, the 49ers won six division titles, three conference championships, and three Super Bowls.

3 Steps to Coaching the Bill Walsh Way

1. Get Personal

The best coaches have frank, honest discussions with their teams and understand their values, motivations, and challenges at an intimate level.

2. Coach for Future Potential

Professional coaching is designed to equip employees, teams, leaders, and executives with the skills they need to continue to lead and shape their industry. Play the long game with your clients.

3. Be Proactive

The most effective coaches take the time to understand their client’s goals and aspirations, and how to leverage the way they perceive themselves and others, manage relationships, express themselves, make decisions and manage stress.

Want to become a world-class coach? Become EQi2.0 & EQ360 certified with EI ADVANTAGE

March 6-9, 2018 (11-2 EST)

April 3-6, 2018 (3-6 EST)

Regular $1595 + gst ICF Members: $1495 + gst

Sign up here!

Janice Gair

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What’s Next in Your Life or Work?
Design Your Future May 20 -25, 2018

Are you an entrepreneur, a professional or a leader wondering what’s next in your life or work? If so, join us for our Design Your Future inspirational holiday to help you identify your purpose, vision and the life you want to create.

Removed from your daily routine, our unique approach will allow you to take stock and identify what’s most important for you. In this inspiring Italian location, and supported by like-minded people, you’ll be able to focus on the goals that count. Our 3-step process will help you walk away with your blueprint to thrive - clear steps for what’s next in your career or life.

Please look at to find out more about us, our destination and about why our Design Your Future process may just be the answer to "what's next?" in your life or career. Email us at with any questions or to experience our coaching.

Wendy Woods

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Speaking is more than just 'speaking'. It's about engaging your own mind, body, and spirit in order to engage the mind, body, and spirit of your audience; it's about going on a journey and taking the audience on that journey with you. In this workshop, you'll learn how to enhance your stage presence, and use your voice and stagecraft to elevate your talk to a powerful experience for the audience.

Tuesday February 27, 2018
Free Times Cafe
10:30-5:30 for registration. Limited spots available.

Michel Neray

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Gain the Business Coaching Advantage! Register for March Programs

For those new to accredited coach training - BCA™: Coaching Essentials

Business Coaching Advantage Program™ is a fresh, robust and tightly focused program. 
Essentials Coursework is 3 days in person or 10 weeks virtually, and can stand alone as a solid foundation. Add the Essentials Virtual Practicum and you have a compact 4-6 month program and intense learning and gain a WABC™ credential. Follow on with Parts 2 and 3 and you complete our full ICF ACTP.
  • Part 1 of our 3-part BCA Certification Program™ -- ICF ACTP
  • Part 1 is WABC Accredited - graduates earn the designation Registered Corporate Coach™

For Experienced Coaches – Leadership Coaching in Context

Leadership Coaching in Context is for people interested in upping their game when coaching in the leadership context. It is for more experienced coaches working towards professional designation or want ICF CCEs for credential renewal.

  • ICF CCEs (20 hrs)
  • ICF Accredited (a stand-alone program as well as part of the full BCA Advanced Certification program).

Contact us for a one on one coaching session to determine what is right for you and to learn about our Early Bird Rate for our programs starting in March 2018.

Creators: Dorothy Greenaway, MCC and Melinda Sinclair, Chartered Business Coach™ Internationally recognized trailblazers in professional coaching & coach education, blending decades of leadership development & coaching with expertise in facilitating exceptional adult learning experiences.

Dorothy Greenaway

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Free Mini-Series in Neuroscience

Neuroscience is having a profound effect on the coaching industry as a whole. Understanding the neuroscience behind what you do provides you, as a coach, with the knowledge to activate the hardwired capacity for change in all human beings. Dr. Irena O’Brien, PhD invites you to join her for a free 3-part Mini Series in Neuroscience where you’ll learn 3 neuroscience-based strategies you can start using right away to gain more credibility and have an even bigger impact with your clients. This is an online course and you can register here:

Dr. Irena O’Brien, Phd

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The National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute (NeftTI)

The National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute (NeftTI) provides coaches with a way to work with clients in a way that helps them get to core issues behind the conflicts and obstacles in their life. Using EFT allows you to stop the stress response behind emotions (energy in motion) and is fast becoming recognized as a successful method to help in areas of health issues, psychological issues and even relationships and finances. Next Level 1 & 2 training is Feb 23-25, 2018. Check out for trainings and more.

Nancy Forrester

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  • Small submission (up to 100 words with link to your site):  $100/insertion
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Please note:
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